As an advocate for nonprofits and their important missions, BTI supports organizational effectiveness through strategic planning, program evaluation, compliance monitoring and strategic management services.

Dr. Calvet and her associates are cause champions for multiple nonprofits, bringing organizational structure and strategies to help them meet their goals.

As volunteers with Scripps Health and the American Heart Association, and as advocate for women’s heart health, BTI has raised awareness about early intervention for cardiac patients.  Their office dog, Quinnie, has been trained as a therapy dog for visiting hospital patients and is a graduate of the Pawsitive Teams group of San Diego, California.

“Dr. Darla Calvet has been an excellent representative for Scripps Health.  Her work as a heart health advocate has been extremely effective in raising awareness and informing patients about treatment options. Dr. Calvet speaks from a place of compassion and gratitude.  Her story is authentic and powerful.”

Susan Taylor, Director External Affairs
Scripps Health

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